A picture of me.

Hello and thanks for visiting!

I like to have fun with technology. When I was growing up, that meant Photoshopping my friends' heads on to other people's bodies. These days it means creating online and physical interfaces that explore subjects like the regenerative abilities of plant roots, Mariah Carey's hand-dances, the re-animation of forgotten blogs and cat mind-control. With occasional time for headswaps.

I am a graduate of the Rochester Insitute of Technology's New Media Design program (BFA, 2009) and New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program (MPS, 2014). You can currently find me at Vidcode. For more professional experience, see my résumé.

Elsewhere on the internet, I can be found on GitHub, Vimeo, Delicious and LinkedIn. Here are some of my favorite videos on YouTube.

Please write me! My email address is sam at samjbrenner.com.