Tracking Street Noise, Part 2

See part 1. Quick update. Today I built an “enclosure” for my sound sensor. Behold:

The microphone is set back because of how closely I initially soldered it to the PCB. This was impacting the microphone’s ability to capture sound, so after taking the pictures I went back and resoldered it so that it’s flush with the wood. Next steps will be to modifying my Processing sketch to output a CSV file of all the sensor readings so I can run it for hours and analyze it later.

Tracking Street Noise

The other day, I was talking with Jay about tracking street noise. I thought it would be neat to record a video of the street for however many hours and giving it away to anyone who wanted to extract data from it. Taxi frequency, direction of pedestrians, or noise level, for example. I mentioned how the noise from the street was impacting my sleeping, Jay said something about tracking sound, and at that moment, voilà! An idea was born.

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