Progress on Mariah’s Hand

For my Data Rep final, I am comparing the position of Mariah Carey’s hand to the note that she is singing and re-imagining her melodies as if played by an invisible theremin. See here for my initial post.

Work has been coming along well. This past week, I completed my two data collection tasks: track her hand and identify frames in which she begins singing a note.

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Il Telefono di Pavarotti

My recent assignment for Redial, called “Il Telefono di Pavarotti” (add or remove Os as you wish), transforms the screams of us mere mortals into the rich tenor bellow of one Luciano Pavarotti. Just turn up your volume, visit the website and call (360) 215-1975. Once your Pavatar appears, scream!

Here’s what the classroom sounded like when I presented it last week (thanks to Aaron for being documentation-minded):

Unfortunately, when I presented the site a small JavaScript bug prevented my desired functionality of one Pavarotti per caller (you can see in the image below that some got grouped together). It’s a really dumb bug that I should have seen coming, but this was just a homework assignment so I’m not too worried about it.

This was built with the help of Chris’s Tinyphone library.


And some bonus content! A by-product of having extracted Pavarotti’s B4 from eight videos: