Yun Easy Wifi Switch

Last week, I retrieved the Trophy of the Future from Dave, our former champion and the caretaker of the trophy for the past year. Now that I have it back, I’m speedrunning some improvements on it before shipping it off to another person named Dave, the new champion.

When initially handed off the trophy one year ago, I noted the four things I hoped to continue working on when I got it back. To sum them up:

  1. Stagger message cycles so that it the program runs once an hour (i.e. make it less distracting to cats)
  2. Create a dead-simple way to reconfigure the Yun’s wifi connection.
  3. Remote login / updating
  4. Animation on the LED array (instead of just scrolling text)

I think number 2 is the most important because the trophy functions best when connected to the internet. The former Dave had the luxury of an in-home installation, but the latter Dave lives much further away and I wanted to make configuring internet on the trophy as easy as possible. This past weekend I decided to make it happen, and  the result of this work is available on GitHub.


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