Using pip to Install Python Packages on the Arduino Yún

The Arduino Yún doesn’t come with SSL support, which means no pip and no Python packages. Myself, Adam and Xuedi lost about a day of work last semester trying to find the fix for this, until Google-master Brett saved the day by finding us this link. Clearly these instructions need spreading around the internet, so here they are.

SSH into your Yún and issue the following commands:

opkg update
opkg install distribute
opkg install python-openssl
opkg install python-bzip2
easy_install pip

Then you can use pip install to install whatever packages you need.

Update, 2015-01-02: python-ssl seems to have been replaced (or superseded? I’m not exactly sure) by python-openssl. I updated the code above to reflect this change.

Repairing Prop Proton Packs


Earlier this summer, I repaired four prop proton packs for the Minions of Gozer, a group that performs Ghostbusters shadowcasts around the NYC area (many thanks to my friend Rachel, a producer of the show, for trusting me with these…). The four unwieldy packs had endured many years of heavy abuse at the hands of the Minions and what started as a few extra screws here and there quickly turned in to an (almost) complete rebuild. I ended up making a new backplate and what is technically called a “cyclotron” for each pack. In the end they were much lighter and more compact, for which the cast was grateful. More pictures below!

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