Our midterm show for Puppets and Performing Objects was “AARPlane,” a show about the airborne elderly. As a class, we took the show from an idea to the final production in a week. My puppet is Clarabelle, a drunk but endearing old Southern gal with a secret, who shows up around 22:30 in the video.

Repairing Prop Proton Packs


Earlier this summer, I repaired four prop proton packs for the Minions of Gozer, a group that performs Ghostbusters shadowcasts around the NYC area (many thanks to my friend Rachel, a producer of the show, for trusting me with these…). The four unwieldy packs had endured many years of heavy abuse at the hands of the Minions and what started as a few extra screws here and there quickly turned in to an (almost) complete rebuild. I ended up making a new backplate and what is technically called a “cyclotron” for each pack. In the end they were much lighter and more compact, for which the cast was grateful. More pictures below!

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