Mariah Carey’s Hand



To explore how accurately the position of Mariah Carey’s hand during live performance reflects the pitch of the note she is singing.


I hypothesize that Mariah’s hand is not a perfect representation of the pitch but will produce a melody that is recognizable as the original song.

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NYC High School Dropouts

For our final project in Sculpting Data Into Everyday Objects, I worked with Ben Kauffman to visualize the cohort* dropout rate for high schools in New York City using data from the city’s Department of Education.

Each bead on the map represents one high school in New York City, placed in its geographic location. The length of the string represents how many students dropped out from that high school. A bead is glued at each end to hold the string in place and enable it to hang down. If there are multiple high schools at one location, extra beads are added.


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